Shoulder Dislocation Treatment in Atlanta

May 24, 2019

Our shoulder joint provides the human body with many functions which help us with daily activities but because it’s used frequently, it is more susceptible to dislocation and injury.

When the shoulder becomes dislocated, immense pain will surface quickly. The shoulder can partially dislocate which means that the humerus is only partially out of place within the socket. When a complete dislocations occurs, the entire humerus is found out of the socket.

What To Look For With Shoulder Dislocation?

  • Deformity
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Bruising

A dislocation can be painful, and damage can exceed just dislocation. A dislocation can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments in the shoulder as well as the possibility for tearing.

As the joint provides a multitude of functions, the dislocation can also occur in many different ways like forward, backward or even downward. The most common dislocation of the shoulder is when the shoulder slips out of the socket resulting in the bone moving in a forward motion. This injury often occurs when someone is using their arm to throw and object.

Shoulder instability occurs when the dislocation happens and this can result in shoulder spasms which can intensify the pain.

When a dislocation is suspected, the doctor will order an X-ray which will help determine is the bone is out the socket. The doctor will need to know how the dislocation occurred as well as if this has ever occured before.

How Are Shoulder Dislocations Treated?

Ultimately, the bone needs to return to socket where it belongs, so the physician will put the the arm back in it’s socket and when this happens pain is often alleviated.

What Happens Next?

Although the pain may have subsided, your doctor will suggest wearing a sling for about a month to allow the shoulder to heal. Resting the injured shoulder and reducing physical activity while healing will also be advised.

Within a few days, swelling will decrease and pain will be better managed. At this point, exercises to help build strength and flexibility back into the shoulder should be performed. Range of motion is extremely important for the shoulder so performing recommended exercises will only increase your healing time.

If the shoulder dislocates frequently, wearing a brace may help with correcting that problem. If everything mentioned does not work and dislocation becomes a recurrent issue, AICA orthopedic doctors suggest surgery for shoulder dislocation treatment in Atlanta. Young athletes looking to get back in the game may have some torn or stretched out ligaments that need repairing in order for them to play again.

Having a shoulder dislocate frequently can cause serious damage to the bones and joints within the shoulder as well as the surrounding areas. If shoulder dislocation has happened to you or you suffer for recurrent dislocation, contact our AICA Orthopedics team for more information. Dial (404) 855-2141 today for a consultation.


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