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What Orthopedic Treatment Options Exist For Chronic Back Pain?

Apr 28, 2017

Back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions patients throughout Atlanta experience and affects every single person at one point in their life. Depending on the extent of the condition, back pain can completely stifle your ability to perform even the most basic of activities, let alone follow through with your daily routine. If you experience chronic pain, contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors to learn more about our available treatment options.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

There are a variety of reasons why back pain develops, from physical trauma and past injuries to spinal disorders and degenerative conditions. Your back is a sensitive system, and its complexity causes it to be vulnerable to natural wear and tear, as well as blunt force. Because of the volume of triggers that exist, understanding which orthopedic treatment solutions are appropriate for your unique condition requires a complete examination.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment for Chronic Pain

At AICA Orthopedics, our medical team is committed to providing custom treatment solutions that align with the unique characteristics of each patient’s condition. With this approach, we can provide immediate pain relief, while also protecting you from potential relapses in the future.

What’s Involved with Chronic Back Pain Treatments?

Here’s a brief overview of what’s usually involved with our orthopedic treatment solutions when addressing chronic back pain. A large extent of our techniques is performed using X-ray/fluoroscopic guided technology, which allows us to visualize the damage or pain with real-time moving images on a display screen. This helps our team apply treatment with excellent precision – allowing you to avoid invasive surgical options. Opposed to traditional approaches to chronic back pain, the difference between our solutions include:

  • Where treatment is administered
  • The use of fluoroscopy
  • The lack of harmful side effects

Orthopedic Treatment for Chronic Back Pain


Manual Adjustments

Adjustments allow us to remove subluxations that naturally develop over time, as well as reduce painful inflammation. One of the more common solutions throughout the Orthopedic world, adjustments are completely painless and extremely effective.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are a muscular condition that can cause pain in a variety of areas, especially the back. They are usually smaller than the size of a penny and are extremely painful. Trigger point therapy helps reduce inflammation and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Learn More About Available Orthopedic Treatments for Chronic Back Pain in Atlanta

Chronic back pain is a complex condition that deserves immediate attention, as well as a well-thought-out strategy when it comes to providing ongoing treatment. To determine the cause of your pain, as well as how to provide relief, you will need to come into our office for a complete examination. Once this takes place, our Atlanta orthopedic doctors can go over which treatment options are available and most appropriate for your unique condition. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or your first examination. Just call (404) 855-2141.


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