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Orthopedic Treatment For Hand Injuries

Sep 2, 2019

Orthopedic Treatment For Hand Injuries | AICA OrthopedicsOur highly skilled hand surgeons treat a multitude of conditions stemming from work-related, sports-related, and acute injuries on patients in the greater Atlanta area.

Hand injuries are often painful, but when diagnosed and treated correctly, the condition can be managed effectively.

Our Hands Are Fragile

The hand plays a vital role in most people’s lives, whether they are writing, typing, or even just trying to pour their morning cup of coffee, if the hand’s mobility is negatively impacted, one’s daily living could be drastically affected.

At AICA Orthopedics, our orthopedic surgeons are board-certified and specialize in surgery of the hand since the hand itself is very intricate. Non-surgical techniques are always attempted first, but if surgery is required, our surgeons are qualified to perform a full range of surgical care for your hand.

Available Treatment For Hand Injuries

The type of treatments we provide include:

  • Facet injections and medication
  • Tendon transfers
  • Microvascular surgery
  • Arthritis surgery
  • Tendon transfers
  • Excision of masses
  • Fracture surgery
  • Infection surgery
  • Finger joint replacement
  • Finger tendon repairs
  • Trigger finger release surgery

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