Importance Of Seeking An Orthopedics Specialist’s Help Following Auto Accident

Jun 21, 2019

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident and suffered broken bones or tears in the muscles or ligaments, you may be experiencing ongoing pain. With the level of pain you may be experiencing, seeking the help of an orthopedic doctor may be the first step in the right direction to a successful recovery.

Atlanta’s Car Injury Doctors

After an accident, some may seek medical care from their family physician or if more emergent, seek the care of medical professionals in the emergency room. However, if injured in an auto accident your care should continue beyond a single trip to the ER or to your family doctor. You should always follow up with a specialist like our Atlanta car injury doctors at AICA orthopedics to ensure that no serious damage has been done.

Our team of Atlanta orthopedic doctors provide you with compassionate and skilled medical experts who strive for optimal recovery following your accident.

Why See A Specialist?

Even though your family doctor may know you well and you may be comfortable with them, seeking care from an orthopedic specialist following an accident can help increase your recovery time by adequately assessing the injury and providing the proper treatment plan for your injury.

What does an orthopedic specialist usually treat related to auto accidents?

  • Broken hip (from crash impact)
  • Broken or fractured hands/fingers (from trying to protect the face)
  • Broken or fractured clavicle or ribs (from airbag deployment or seat restraint)
  • Shoulder impingements (from crash impact or seat restraint)
  • Torn MCL / Torn ACL (from the twisting motion during collision)
  • Disc herniation

The above injuries are just the surface of what the Atlanta car injury doctors treat. The team at AICA orthopedics strive to develop and create new ways to treat and heal an assortment of car crash related injuries.

What Happens If Injuries Are Left Untreated?

If injuries are left untreated there is potential for degenerative disease to develop which can create a whole new world of problems. By not seeking treatment the body does not fully recover and therefore leave you open for developing these conditions.

With a degenerative disease, it worsens over time and if that condition is left on the back burner that too can have life altering effects and become debilitating. Some degenerative diseases that the orthopedic doctor can help avoid in an injured body are:

Arthritis: This degenerative condition can cause mild to extreme joint pain.

Spinal stenosis: This condition is often a result of a traumatic injury and occurs when the middle vertebrae narrows. When the channel narrows, the nervous system becomes affected and can result in immense pain.

Sciatica: This condition is caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve which runs from your lumbar back to both feet. The pain ranges from mild to throbbing, depending on the severity.

Hip bursitis: With this condition, the bursa becomes inflamed which is the part of the hips that allow for the flexibility and in the advanced stages of the disease, the pain is excruciating.

Keep in mind car accidents are not always the cause of these conditions however, they can trigger them if injuries are left untreated. Injuries can slowly progress into something bigger and more severe over time so it’s always best to seek medical attention from specialists right away.

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After an accident, our team at AICA orthopedics will work with you and provide compassionate care and develop a treatment plan that fits your individualized needs. We know that each patient has a different story and therefore their treatment needs to be tailored to fit their lifestyle.

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