How To Maintain Great Bone Health As Your Age

Apr 27, 2018

Just about everyone has heard of the health benefits associated with regular exercise. Maintaining an active lifestyle can help improve endurance, increase bone mass, and help support ideal wright while also protecting individuals from disease like high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes.

Considering bone health, bones have an important influence on your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, create new blood cells, and preserve vital organs. Peak bone mass occurs during the adolescent stage of development and they begin to deteriorate as we age. Such deterioration can lead to a number of conditions like osteoporosis, which is referred to as low bone mass and a complete disruption in the structure of your bones and injuries like bone fractures.

Support Healthy Bone Mass

Exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle are critical factors for creating and supporting healthy bone mass for the long-term. Impact activity like running is highly recommend to engage in several times each week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to experience ideal bone mass for children who are still developing. Weight and resistance training are also essential for protecting you from bone loss as you grow older.

Consider the following workout regiments to incorporate in your daily routine to help maintain great bone health as you age:

Exercises That Support Healthy Bones


  • Plyometric Training – This particular type of training focuses on sudden, high-impact actions that help improve bone mineral mass when performed on a regular basis over time. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors recommend jumping rope or following through with a series of sprints for 30 to 60 minutes at least three times per week.
  • Tai Chi – For those who are interested in performing weight-bearing activities but are concerned about the impact on their body, consider trying out Tai Chi. Complimented with deep breathing techniques, the gradual and direct movements associated with Tai Chi are excellent for reducing anxiety, stress, and maintaining healthy bones.
  • Pilates – More people throughout the United States continue to participate in Pilates because of its ability to support core strength and improve flexibility. Pilates is an excellent form of resistance training and is known to help participants avoid bone degeneration.
  • Dancing – Not only is dancing a great, fun way to shed some calories and stimulate blood flow, it is also useful for adults who are trying to maintain healthy bones. Regardless of what type of dancing you’re interested in, swaying to your favorite style on a regular basis can help prevent the onset of common diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Weight Training – Although you may not be interested in increasing muscle mass, lifting weights is proven to help stimulate health bone mass.

Following through with these actions several times each week significantly increases your chances of avoiding bone loss as you grow older. Before you launch any type of vigorous fitness regiment, speak with one of our orthopedic doctors first to learn which activities are appropriate for your health and needs. You can schedule a consultation or an examination at our office by contacting us online or by dialing (404) 855-2141.


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