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How To Avoid Common Hand Injuries

Apr 16, 2018

Your hands are one of the most active parts of your body and are essential for supporting your ability to perform a variety of everyday tasks. Basic activities like scrolling on a smart phone device or controlling a computer mouse rarely lead to particular injuries. Still, your hands are subjected to all types of hazardous situations that have the potential to cause harm over time.

Currently, over a million people throughout the United States sustain some type of hand injury each year. If you consider the amount of people who ignore their pain or do not seek medical treatment, the figure is even higher.

Types of Hand Injuries

Work-related hand injuries are responsible for approximately 20 percent of disability claims. Lacerations, crushes, avulsions, punctures, and fractures are the most commonly cited hand injuries that occur in the workplace and the majority are associated with heavy equipment. There are set laws that require companies and businesses to provide safety training and equipment to help employees avoid such injuries. Ask your supervisor or Human Resources Department for more information around their safety policies and the type of gear they can provide you.

Competitive sports and physical activity are also responsible for a portion of hand injuries, accounting for 25 percent of those that are treated at hospitals. Athletes who participate in sports or activities that involve contact, high speeds, or hand-held equipment are more vulnerable to hand injuries than other types of athletes. Slip and fall accidents also produce a significant amount of hand injuries each year.

Injury Prevention

Close to 60 percent of all hand injuries that occur at work can be avoided with gloves that are designed to protect you from cuts, burns, and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Make sure to use leather gloves that are cut-resistant and remove all hand jewelry before using any type of machinery.

For athletes and those who participate in physical activity, make sure to approach particular tasks that require your hands with caution, not speed. Always wear appropriate protective equipment or gear such as wrist guards and gloves. Of course, pay close attention to your environment, other participants, and potential risks that may cause a slip and fall accident.

Performing hand strengthening exercises that help support flexibility of the wrists and fingers is also important for avoiding hand pain or injuries.

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If you adhere to these tips, you will be in a positive position that helps you avoid potential pain or injuries. If you should hurt your hand, contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors. Our staff can help you recover from your injury with personalized treatment and physical therapy. Dial (404) 855-2141 to speak with one of our staff members today about your needs.


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