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Headaches After A Car Accident In Atlanta? Contact An Orthopedic Doctor Immediately!

Apr 11, 2018

Headaches are a common result of a car accident and are triggered by a variety of sources. Some patients who experience headaches prior to a car accident may notice increased frequency or intensity. Others may not notice a headache for some time after the accident. If you are in a car accident and experience recurring headaches, it’s recommended to contact an Atlanta orthopedic doctor who can help diagnose the source of the condition and provide appropriate treatment.

Headaches and Car Accidents

There are a variety of reasons why car accident victim’s experience persistent, painful headaches and the most common causes are blunt trauma and whiplash. The extent and depth of a car accident victim‘s headaches is dictated by the impact and force associated with the collision.

Common Types of Headaches Connected To Car Accidents


  • Post-Concussive Headaches or Migraines: Concussions represent brain damage or injuries that are caused by blunt trauma to the head. Migraine headaches that are connected to concussions are a chemical reaction that occurs within the brain and often produce additional symptoms such as: nausea, heightened sensitivity to light, touch, sound, and scents, memory loss, anxiety, mood fluctuation, depression, insomnia, loss of coordination, and confusion.


  • Whiplash Headaches: Whiplash is the most common injury connected to car accidents and are triggered when your neck ligaments stretch beyond their limits or tear. Whiplash headaches often appear near the base of the skull and may cause stiffness, confusion, and exhaustion. Car accidents who experience whiplash headaches don’t tend to experience anything until a few days or weeks have passed after their collision.


  • Fracture Headaches: A fractured skull can cause painful fracture headaches. Such pain often exists toward the back of the head and neck. Patients who experience fracture headaches notice varying degrees of pain and are likely to suffer from nausea, dizziness, inflammation, and speech conditions simultaneously.


The Importance of Immediate Orthopedic Treatment After A Car Accident

It is very common for headaches to occur several days or weeks after an accident takes place. Most of the time, a headache is a reaction to another underlying injury that was also sustained during the collision. An experienced car accident orthopedic doctor can determine the source of your headaches and provide appropriate treatment that relieves pain, inflammation, and tension. You can learn more about our approach to treating painful headaches by scheduling an appointment at our office. You can make an appointment online or by dialing (404) 855-2141.


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