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Elbow Injury Treatment In Atlanta

Jan 9, 2019

Injury to the elbow occurs when the tendons, muscles, ligaments, or bones within the joint are damaged. Some examples of these injuries are;

  • Overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm called tennis elbow
  • Distal bicep rupture, which occurs when the tendon between your elbow and bicep is torn
  • A torn tendon in the back of your elbow connected to your upper arm can cause triceps ruptures
  • When your elbow joint becomes loose enough to be moved out of place you have elbow instability

Orthopedic Treatment For Elbow Injuries

Most commonly experienced with an elbow injury are soreness and pain, especially with movement. Your pain may worsen with bending of the elbow or flexing of your arm. Your elbow joint may even pop out of place if you have elbow instability. Our orthopedic doctors can evaluate your symptoms and get to the bottom of the cause of your injury.

Non-invasive Approaches To Treatment

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors recommend trying a nonsurgical approach to treat elbow injuries prior to consideration of surgical intervention as there is less risk. Treatment will depend on the type of injury that you have. Some examples of non-surgical treatments are over the counter medications, physical therapy to help improve flexibility and strength, or a counter force brace to give support to your elbow joint.

Surgery may be recommended if you have already tried the less invasive nonsurgical approach and have not found any relief or if your injury is worsening. The type of surgery you may need will depend on the type of injury you have.

If you have a damaged soft tissue injury, elbow arthroscopy can be performed to repair the ligament or tendon that is injured. More serious injuries may require open elbow surgery. Tommy John surgery is where the ulnar collateral ligament in your elbow is replaced with a tendon. The Tenex Health TX™ procedure involves eliminating damaged tissue with ultrasound technology.

Get The Help and Relief You Need at AICA Orthopedics

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