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Digital vs. Traditional X-rays

Nov 18, 2019

Digital vs. Traditional X-rays | AICA OrthopedicsPatient care and satisfaction is our main concern at AICA Orthopedics as to why staying up to date with technological advances is so critical. Our Atlanta imaging center now uses a digital format for our X-rays which increases speed, accuracy and the safety of our patients.

Diagnosing Pain and Injury

An accurate diagnosis at a faster speed can help to decrease your level of discomfort sooner since treatments can be executed more effectively with less risk of complications.

An X-ray uses radiation to create images of the internal structures within the body. This diagnostic tool allows doctors to see the bones and determine if there is a break or fracture. With digital X-rays, there are several advantages to the newer technology.

Safe and Effective Technology

Using the safest technology has always been AICA Orthopedics’ primary objective, and now that digital X-rays are available with less radiation than traditional x-rays, our practice believes patients deserve the best care with the use of digital diagnostics.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Effective and accurate diagnosis of all conditions should be the highest priority as our patients should receive the highest level of care. With digital X-rays, clearer images are possible with a higher resolution than that of a traditional X-ray.

With the digital format, an image can be enlarged and manipulated to allow the doctor with the best angles for viewing the injury. With traditional diagnostics, repeat scans were sometimes needed to get the best view, exposing patients to more radiation.

With traditional scans, the development of the film took time, which meant longer for an accurate diagnosis. With the digital format, doctors can receive images electronically, which means a faster diagnosis for the patient as well as a quicker delivery of treatment.

Our patients care is important to us as well as caring for the environment in which our patients live in. By switching to digital scans, our practice is becoming a better place for the environment as less space is needed as well as lessening the chemicals needed for traditional scans. A digital scan requires no chemicals, which makes it safer for the patient as well as the Earth.

The Difference With AICA Orthopedics

Our Atlanta imaging center offers medical imaging for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Having digital X-rays on-site saves our patients valuable time as well as providing a safer option for diagnosing their condition. To schedule an appointment with our Atlanta orthopedic doctors, dial (404) 855-2141 for an appointment today!


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