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Jun 14, 2019

With the wrist connecting the hand to the forearm, the complexity of the joint from the muscles to the bones and ligaments, it’s no wonder that wrist pain is so common due to its frequent use. Pinpointing the root of wrist pain can be challenging as there are many causes for wrist pain.

Wrist Pain

With so many causes of wrist pain, knowing if the pain has developed over time or from an injury can help wrist doctors pinpoint what type of injury or condition you may have. For injuries from overuse, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or even arthritis may be a possible diagnosis. A fracture or a sprain may be a result from a fall or even a sports injury.

Though often associated with sudden or acute injuries, such as sprains or fractures, wrist pain can also be brought on by more long-term issues, such as repetitive stress or overuse, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If left untreated, your chronic conditions like arthritis or tendinitis can drastically worsen. Instead of minor treatment options, surgery may be recommended to allow for restoration to the wrist if the injury was left untreated for a long period of time.

Time To Contact An Atlanta Wrist Doctor

If unsure whether or not you should see a wrist specialist, if you suffer from any of these symptoms, it may be time to reach out if you have:

  • Increased pain in the wrist or thumb
  • Tingling or numbness in the hand and forearm
  • Swelling or bruising on or around the wrist and forearm
  • Inability to carry, open, or twist objects without pain
  • Difficulty straightening the afflicted wrist

Contact AICA Orthopedics For Wrist Pain Relief and Injury Treatment

Our Atlanta wrist doctors specialize in treating a multitude of wrist conditions and understand that each person is different and therefore deserve their own individualized treatment plan to allow them to get back to their lifestyle and fast and safely as possible.

As some conditions may require surgery, our philosophy is to try all non- surgical options first to give you the best chance of recovery without the need of surgery. However, if surgery is needed, our team will provide you with the most advanced techniques available which will allow you to recover faster and in a safer manner.

To consult with a wrist doctor at AICA Orthopedics please request an appointment or call (404) 855-2141 today!


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