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What Makes Our Orthopedic Clinic Stand Out

Oct 29, 2018

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors are providers of comprehensive orthopedic care and are joined by a team of numerous other health care professionals including physical therapists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and physician assistants, all of whom have exceptional patient care at the forefront of their mind.

When visiting our orthopedic doctors, you can anticipate extensive experience, great bedside manner, and an overall sense of knowing you are in good hands by everyone on our team.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment

Our orthopedic doctors offer both operative and non-operative care to your musculoskeletal needs including injuries from sports, joint replacement from wear and tear of aging, arthroscopic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation as needed.

We also offer pain management, general orthopedic care and work-related or other acute injuries. We are here to help and serve you regardless of what your orthopedic needs may be, and we promise to always make you feel like your needs are understood and time is well spent within our care.

The City’s Largest Orthopedic Clinic

We are the largest physician-owned orthopedic practice in the area offering sports and comprehensive orthopedic care. We have 13 locations, so it will be easy to find one that is convenient for you. You can put your trust in our orthopedic doctors’ care to get you on the path to improving and maintaining your quality of life.

Complete Treatment

Our orthopedic doctors treat your whole body from the head down. If you have been injured, you may need specific treatment to target your nerve, motor, and artery function within your neck.

Nearly 80 percent of headaches originate from the neck. If you are experiencing problems with the function of your arms, hands, shoulder, or even respiratory issues, you may have an injury in your thoracic spine.

Your spine doesn’t just support your skeletal system. It also has the important job of protecting your spinal cord, which houses a very large amount of the nerve systems roots.

If your spine is not well cared for, the effects can be seen in numerous other areas of your body. It is our goal to keep that spine working the best it is able.

Why Choose AICA Orthopedics?

We work together with Atlanta chiropractors who are multi-faceted to give you the best chiropractic intervention and other procedures. We always start with the most non-invasive treatments such as low impact treatment and slowly increase from there. We are always utilizing methods that will be the most successful in decreasing your pain and healing injuries.

Our flexible approach allows you to have the best care and in the safest, quickest, most effective manner. We work with your insurance company to get your care covered and accept third-party billing.

Call us today at (404) 855-2141 to ask us how we may serve you. If you need assistance getting to your appointment, let us know and we can help provide you with transportation to get you the treatment you need.


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