Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment: Permanent Pain Relief

Jul 21, 2017

Thousands of people throughout the greater Atlanta community suffer from chronic pain. It disrupts their ability to follow through with their favorite activities and can cause other permanent complications if left untreated.

Meeting with one of our Atlanta orthopedic doctors on a regular basis is important for those who suffer from chronic pain. Through a variety of treatment solutions that work naturally with the body, AICA Orthopedics serves as a solution for people who desire permanent pain relief.

Orthopedic Treatment For Pain Relief

Patients who receive regular Orthopedic Treatment notice improvements in their flexibility, fewer aches throughout their body, and a general uplift to their overall health. If you are unfamiliar with AICA Orthopedics and are interested in learning how our Orthopedic Doctors can help you live a healthier, pain-free life, contact our clinic today – (404) 855-2141.

Orthopedic Treatment For Chronic Pain

One of the most common and effective techniques our clinic uses to treat chronic pain is spinal manipulation. Using controlled movements and adjustments, our Atlanta orthopedic doctors can help realign the musculoskeletal system to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body. By doing so, most patients experience a feeling of relief, as well as noticeable improvements in their range of motion.

Atlanta’s Premier Walk-In Orthopedic Clinic for Car Accident Injuries

If you sustain car accident injuries in Atlanta, orthopedic treatment may be necessary to diagnose and address common injuries like Whiplash. Although you may feel fine after an auto collision, injuries like Whiplash do not always produce immediate symptoms, making it impossible to tell if you are hurt.

By visiting AICA Orthopedics right after a car accident, you can receive treatment and protect yourself from potentially permanent damage. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors can help you overcome a variety of common car accident injuries like:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Misalignments
  • Neck pain
  • Bone fractures
  • Sprains
  • Strains

Visit AICA Orthopedics for Permanent Pain Relief

Living with pain, whether mild or severe, impairs your ability to follow through with professional and personal priorities. Atlanta residents deserve to live pain-free and the medical team at AICA Orthopedics can help. For permanent pain relief and healthier life, visit our Atlanta orthopedics clinic to learn more about our approach to treating chronic pain, as well as car accident injuries.


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