Orthopedic Doctors Treat Work-Related Injuries

Oct 20, 2017

At AICA Orthopedics, our Atlanta Orthopedic Specialists treat a large variety of standard injuries, including those that are work-related. If you are injured on the job, our team can align with your worker’s compensation case in ways that help treat your condition and get you back to work safely.

Orthopedics and Work-Related Injuries

If your occupation requires you to sit in front of a computer monitor for hours at a time, AICA Orthopedics can show you some techniques that help keep your muscles loose, healthy, and active. From controlled exercises to stretches that align with your current conditioning, our team of Orthopedic Doctors can provide recommendations that help prevent postural impairments and back pain.

Typing on a keyboard for extended periods also presents a particular level of risk when it comes to developing arthritis and other chronic wrist conditions. Following through with wrist extensions helps create space that keeps your wrist bones flexible and relaxed.

To do this, just put both hands together against your chest (almost as if you are saying a prayer). Release your hands, slowly turn the palm of one hand away from your chest and reach for your opposite shoulder with the other hand. Connect your pinky finger with the opposite hand and slowly push your elbows apart from each other.

Orthopedic Treatment For Slip and Fall Work-Related Injuries

If you fall at work and sustain a neck, back, or shoulder injury, AICA Orthopedics can help treat such injuries, too. Our team of Orthopedic Doctors specializes in correcting musculoskeletal conditions and help dozens of slip and fall accident victims recover each year. Through stabilization techniques, manual adjustments, tissue massage, and physical therapy, we can restrengthen damaged muscles, while also restoring flexibility.

Contact AICA Orthopedics Doctors For Work-Related Injuries

Treating work-related injuries is a regular part of the everyday experience at AICA Orthopedics since we serve as Atlanta’s most experienced accident injury center. With state-of-the-art imaging technology onsite and direct access to a multidisciplinary team of medical experts, we have everything you need to experience a complete, safe recovery.

Contact or call our office to learn more about our approach to treating work-related injuries, as we how we can help support a potential personal injury claim if you need to file one. Just dial (404) 855-2141 to speak with one of our friendly staff members about your needs.


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