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5 Lifestyle Changes that Can Prevent Back Pain

Oct 24, 2019

warehouse worker with back pain needing 5 lifestyle changes to prevent back painNo one wants to suffer from chronic back pain, but no one wants to undergo the surgical procedures or take medication to deal with pain, either. Fortunately, there are a number of lifestyle changes that you can make to prevent back pain. If the underlying cause of your back pain is fairly mild, a spine specialist can help you make these lifestyle changes to avoid surgery and medication.  Here are some of these common lifestyle changes that you can make to help avoid back pain and prevent it from developing or from getting worse.




Exercising, especially doing exercises and stretches that work your core and back muscles, is one of the best ways of preventing back pain. By strengthening the muscles that support the spine, your back will actually be better able to handle overwork. You’ll be less likely to injure the muscles by bending or lifting heavy items. Exercising also helps circulate oxygenated blood to damaged parts of your back, improving the healing process.


You do want to be careful not to overdo your workouts, though, until you’ve built up muscle. It can help to work with a trainer to understand what types of exercises you should start with and when you should move up to more difficult activities. If you’ve had an injury or are in a lot of pain when you exercise, it may help to start out exercising in the pool. Water helps take some of the pressure off of your body while also providing extra resistance that helps build up muscle.


Eat a Healthy Diet


Carrying around too much weight can put undue stress on your back. By changing your diet to focus more on eating healthy items, you can shed some pounds and reduce this stress. Eating a healthy diet that’s low in fat and sugar can also help reduce the risk of inflammation, too. Inflammation in the muscles around your spine can lead to back pain and increase your risks of injury.


Give Up Bad Habits


There are a number of bad habits you can give up that will help improve your health. Smoking does a lot of damage to your body, including your back. Overeating, especially eating too many sugary snacks as discussed above, is also a bad habit. Heavy drinking, not getting enough sleep, and sitting for hours at a time without getting up to stretch and move around can all contribute to back pain and other conditions that affect the back. By giving up these bad habits, you’ll find that you don’t hurt as much, plus many other health related issues may become less severe or vanish completely.


Learn to Lift Correctly


Many people bend over and lift with their back when they pick something up off the ground, but this can easily lead to a pulled muscle or other damage. Instead, it’s important to always remember to lift with your legs. Doing so not only prevents damage to your back, but it also helps to center your body so you’re less likely to fall over. If you also find it difficult to lift with your legs due to knee injury, you may need to consider using a grabber tool for light objects and seeking assistance for lifting heavier items.


Chiropractic Care


Visiting a chiropractor for spinal manipulation can reduce pain if you have a misalignment. Sometimes, one or two visits is all it takes, but other times, you may need to visit a chiropractor once a year or so for alignment. Making certain you see your chiropractor as regularly as needed is a lifestyle change you certainly need to make.


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