Non-Surgical Spine Treatment

Whether you’ve been in an accident, sustained an injury from trauma or repetitive use, or simply have chronic or severe back pain, the spine specialists at the Non Surgical Spine Center of AICA Orthopedics can help. We’ve spent years treating spine problems in Atlanta, and we have a number of innovative treatment options that can help you find pain relief, experience healing, and improve your quality of life.

Over 85% of patients who opt for non-surgical options are able to experience full restoration from their ailments after they have undergone their treatment. Reducing the need for invasive surgeries is in the best interest of most patients, as there is typically much more rehabilitation time and side effects to surgical cases. We know that spine issues can be scary, and we know that most people desperately want to avoid having surgery. If a surgical option does need to be explored, our team can provide expert surgical care from our orthopedic spine doctors, and oftentimes a less invasive surgical choice than would be commonly used.

We will run thorough diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of your issue, and we will then explore all of your options for treatment. We’ll discuss everything with you throughout the entire process to ensure you understand our recommendations and are comfortable moving forward. Due to our advanced technology and highly skilled doctors at our non-surgical spine center, we can offer innovative care to most of our patients with excellent results.

Diagnosing Your Spinal Problems & Exploring Treatment Options

The first step towards non-surgical spine care is figuring out what the problem is. You may have back pain, but it could be from a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, a misalignment in the spine, a vertebral compression fracture, or something else entirely. We will utilize MRIs, CT scans, X-Rays and more to discover the underlying cause of your pain, and we will use that diagnosis to establish the best treatment options for you. Whatever the source of your pain or injury might be, assessing the whole picture using scans that show the soft tissue, hard tissue, internal, and skeletal damage using the aforementioned tests will provide your doctors with all the information they need to treat you properly.

Your specialists might also suggest some nerve-related tests to determine nerve responses and function. In this case, you will be given various types of stimuli to show how your nerves are functioning and what that means for any spinal injury you need to be treated.

Electromyography can help to detect muscle activity that is abnormal. This gives an indication that there are different types of nerve disorders existing. NCV’s show us the responses nerve impulses have to stimuli. Slower responses are an indication of different spinal issues.

Spine problems can be very simply treated non-surgically in many cases, and our team of doctors will work with you to craft your non-surgical treatment plan whenever possible.

We want to provide you with pain relief, but we also want to correct the problem long-term, so we may suggest several treatment options that can be done at the same time or to complement each other. We firmly believe in providing comprehensive care, so we may recommend a few different methods of pain relief and healing for your spine care plan. If the goal is to maintain a pain relief plan that avoids surgery where possible, an accurate diagnosis is essential to pursuing alternative forms of treatment.

Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to Non-Surgical Spine Care
Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to Non-Surgical Spine Care

Non-Surgical Options for Spine Problems

Our orthopedic doctors are experts when it comes to non-surgical spine care. They want to provide you with the best care possible, and it’s even better if it is non-invasive and non-surgical. Depending on your particular situation and spine issue, you may be referred to another specialist, such as a chiropractor, a physical therapist, a physiatrist, or a neurologist. They can all provide various types of non-surgical solutions that can benefit you both now and in the future.

Another recommendation that might suit your specific situation is non-surgical spinal decompression. Often times this treatment can provide lasting relief to the individuals who seek it out to treat their different sources of pain. Suffering caused by many different types of trauma or injury can be eased through the utilization of this incredibly helpful technique. Back pain, sciatica, and neck problems are often kept at bay when the spine is stretched. Injured spine nerve roots and worn joints in the spine can be restored through decompression therapy as well. Bulging and degenerative disks can be realigned by gently adjusting the position of the spine.
Additionally, our spine care specialists can do spinal injections, such as a facet block, an epidural steroid injection, or a bone cement injection. We may also recommend decompression therapy, particularly if you are having issues with disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, worn spinal joints, sciatica, or spinal nerve root problems. All of these non-surgical options are great for improving spinal health and minimizing the negative effects of a spine injury, disease, or ailment.

A few simple non-surgical interventions your doctor might wish to explore include NSAIDs (medications that provide pain relief), rest, exercise, bracing to support injured limbs and joints, physical therapy to rehabilitate areas where nerve damage causes pain, chiropractic care to realign the spine and correct spinal trauma, acupuncture and acupressure to provide pain relief, and steroid injections to reduce the inflammation of different areas of the spine.

If you want to learn more about non-surgical spine care or to know if you’re a good candidate for one of these procedures, get in touch with AICA Orthopedics today and schedule an appointment. Our team of specialists will work with you to solve your pain problems related to your spine with little or no surgical intervention when it is at all possible.

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