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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a form of regenerative medicine. The blood is made up of plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. In preparation for a Platelet rich plasma treatment, blood is drawn from the patient and then the platelets are separated from the rest of the blood. In a process called centrifugation, the platelet concentration is increased and then mixed with the other part of the blood. This is then injected back into the patient at the site of pain, surgery, or an injury. PRP helps to speed up the healing process and help the body repair itself faster and more effectively. The high concentration of protein-rich plasma is the key to this treatment—the proteins, called growth factors, are a key part of the healing process in the body, so when they are placed at the exact location of an injury and in a higher concentration, natural healing is accelerated. If you have been suffering from an injury and either do not wish to pursue traditional methods such as drug therapy or surgery, or if these treatments have left you without the relief or healing you need, consult with our physicians to see if platelet rich plasma therapy is the right avenue for you to pursue. AICA Orthopedics specializes in the very best alternative treatments that could alleviate your pain.

When Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Used?

There are a number of uses for platelet rich plasma injections, and even more are being researched and tested every day. Since platelet rich plasma is effective at speeding up healing, it is most useful in soft tissue injuries, such as those in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Research has found that the most effective use of PRP injections is in chronic tendon injuries. The injections can reduce inflammation and promote the growth of new cells to speed up the healing process. Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and patellar tendon inflammation are all common chronic conditions that can be significantly improved with PRP injections.

Platelet rich plasma therapy has also been used in acute injuries, such as a fall or a sports injury. Many athletes utilize platelet rich plasma injections to help them recover from injuries faster and avoid surgery altogether. If an athlete or another individual experiences a partial tear of a tendon or ligament, they may be able to avoid surgery with PRP injections and they can often return to normal life, including sports participation, sooner than if they did nothing or had surgery. If surgery is needed, say to repair a complete tear, platelet rich plasma can be used during the orthopedic surgery to help tissues heal and encourage proper growth of new cells to speed up the recovery.

Pain of the joints, spine pain, arthritis pain, sciatica issues, arthritis, and fractures are other common ailments that can be treated with platelet rich plasma injections.

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Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy procedure is incredibly safe when performed by a licensed practitioner and the treatment can be effective at promoting the natural healing process. Since the blood being used to perform the procedure is blood from the patient, the risk of any sort of infection or contamination is virtually nonexistent. Most people love the non-invasive nature of PRP injections because it enables them to receive treatment with little or no disruption to everyday life. This means that individuals who have PRP treatment performed are able to return to playing sports, playing with their children, the demands of their work, and can do all of this with little to no discomfort. Depending on what’s being treated, individuals can often return to work and their normal activities just after receiving treatment. The main concerns are soreness at the injection site, but that should not inhibit your ability to work or perform your daily tasks. Even if you have a more severe injury or are recovering from surgery, PRP will not lengthen your recovery time at all. If anything, it will shorten it. This, along with the non-invasive nature of PRP, makes it a great option for treating pain and injuries all over the body. The anti-inflammatory nature of these treatments can help your body to increase circulation and function more as it was intended after the procedures. To learn more about platelet rich plasma treatment, contact AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta.

How to Know If Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is the Right Treatment for You

Our team will utilize our in-house diagnostic equipment to determine the nature and source of your injuries and pain. We have the capability of performing the necessary tests in-house and at your convenience. Whether your condition affects your bones, your soft tissue, your nerves, or your musculature, we will diagnose it and give you our determination of the best treatment plan for your specific needs. At this point, we will recommend the therapeutic options you have before you. We believe that this treatment will provide you with respite almost immediately. At AICA Orthopedics, we treat pain and injury in the most effective and comprehensive manner for each individual patient. Schedule your consultation today to see if our team can provide the solution to your pain problems and slow healing injuries.

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