Chiropractic Care for Women In Atlanta

Chiropractic care can provide people of all ages with improved health and wellness, but women find that this type of care is beneficial for different parts of their lives. Women who are pregnant, those who may be overweight, live stressful lives, or who may need help in strengthening their back and joints due to age can benefit greatly from this kind of care.

The Difference with AICA

The Atlanta chiropractors at AICA Orthopedics provide routine care to promote wellness for all patients. The women at our practice may have physical needs that require a spinal adjustment to realign the spine allowing for pain relief. Aside from adjustments, women at our practice can receive education on nutrition and advice on exercise regimes to increase strength and functions in the body. Our specialized treatment plans focus on:


Whether you are trying to get pregnant or already pregnant, chiropractic care can help you through the childbirth process, making it easier and less painful with regular adjustments. While carrying a child, pelvic pain and lower back pain can occur and when receiving an adjustment, the entire body endures positive changes.


When osteoporosis and other brittle bone conditions develop, women may experience a great deal of pain and discomfort. Alzheimer’s patients also experience reduced mental function all of which can be managed through spinal adjustments. Through spinal adjustments, the bones, joints, and muscles improve and gain a higher level of function and allow the patient to regain the ability to perform daily functions. Communication with the nervous system is also improved which improves overall health and sharpness.

Pain Relief

Osteoarthritis can result in pain and when receiving regular adjustments that pain can become manageable. When maintaining normal nerve function inflammation and pain are reduced and can also help in preventing deterioration.

A Community of Support

Women play a vital role in this world whether it be in the home or the workplace or even on the field as an athlete. When the body endures physical labor and the body’s alignment shifts, the body cannot function at its highest potential. Chiropractic care can get a woman’s body back in line, no matter the cause, without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.

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