Seek Orthopedic Treatment After A Car Accident

Feb 4, 2019

If you are wondering if you need orthopedic care after an auto injury, we are here to tell you yes!

Why Orthopedic Care?

Orthopedic care is essential since many car accident injuries like Whiplash may not surface immediately. Consulting with an orthopedic doctor following your injury can help guide you in the right direction and get you on the road to recovery.

Typically when the patient begins to feel pain, the damage has already set in. When one feels a strain on the muscles or even a sprain, this is when the soft-tissue injury is first noticed. Although they may not sound terrible and some think these injuries will just go away with time, or Atlanta orthopedics warn that this may not be the case. Consulting with our orthopedic and chiropractic team can be your best defense in minimizing the long term effects of a soft tissue injury.

After an auto accident, your body will develop scar tissue and this tissue becomes sensitive and is difficult to regain its natural state once its been compromised. This tissue begins to change just three weeks after injury so consulting with our team of specialists as soon as the injury occurs allows us to give you a better chance of getting back to your pre-accident state. In this phase of treatment, many orthopedics recommend an adjustment to the spine to ensure the spine is in its best position.

Why medication isn’t the cure all

After an accident, if you find yourself injured and in pain most likely the physician prescribes medicine to take way that pain. However, your pain management should not end there – why?

Medication may dull the pain but what medicine can’t do is reposition bones and align the spine. Medication also cannot treat scar tissue and soft tissue damage so be proactive in your care and reach out to our orthopedic team right away!

When you are treated in the emergency room for you injuries they are concerned with treating what they see in front of them in the present moment and although you may not have suffered broken bones, your soft tissue could have been affected and that is where we come in! Some, not all accidents are severe to where the neck and back have been gravely affected and results in disc bulges and herniation which can result in long term chronic pain if not addressed right away.

If you have been in an auto accident, please contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors at (404) 855-2141 for guidance on the best treatment plan for your injuries.


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