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Imaging, Services | May 17, 2019

Identifying The Source Of Your Pain Through Diagnostic Testing

Due to the continuous growth in technology, physicians have more advanced medical diagnostic devices and tools that make diagnosing orthopedic injuries easier and more efficient. When a patient is in need of orthopedic care, having the most advanced diagnostic testing and equipment can help the physician better evaluate the scans or films of the patient.

What’s the Difference Between CT, MRI, and PET Scans? | AICA Orthopedics

Imaging | Oct 7, 2019

What’s the Difference Between CT, MRI, and PET Scans?

If you’ve been injured, one of the first things any medical expert is going to do is to use advanced diagnostic imaging technology to view the damage. While X-Rays may be enough for primary fractures and breaks, they’re not always useful in more advanced injuries. For more severe cases, the use of CT, MRI, and […]

MRI VS. Cardiac Catheterization for Diagnosing Coronary Heart Disease | AICA Orthopedics

Health and Wellness, Imaging | Nov 6, 2019

MRI VS. Cardiac Catheterization for Diagnosing Coronary Heart Disease

To determine what the best treatment is for those patients with chest pain and coronary heart disease, doctors typically base their decision on how constricted arteries serving the heart are. Typically, this is done by performing cardiac catheterization, which is an invasive procedure.

Digital vs. Traditional X-rays | AICA Orthopedics

Imaging | Nov 18, 2019

Digital vs. Traditional X-rays

Patient care and satisfaction is our main concern at AICA Orthopedics as to why staying up to date with technological advances is so critical. Our Atlanta imaging center now uses a digital format for our X-rays which increases speed, accuracy and the safety of our patients.

Person getting a ct scan at atlanta imaging center

Imaging | Nov 25, 2019

What To Expect During a CT Scan

A CT or CAT scan is used by doctors to visualize the inside of a patient’s body. CT stands for computed tomography, which means that a computerized composite of cross-sectional images is utilized to create a dimensional photo of the individual’s body. Most local imaging centers perform these diagnostic tests on a daily basis. A […]

Man getting an MRI in atlanta at AICA imaging center

Imaging | Nov 27, 2019

How Does an MRI Work?

For certain conditions, the MRI is the dominant test to see what needs to be seen, even in comparison to others, such as the X-ray, the CT scan, or the ultrasound.   An MRI is a diagnostic tool utilized by doctors to gain a better perspective of what is going on internally with the injuries […]

skull at local imaging center at aica orthopedics

Imaging | Dec 6, 2019

What’s the Difference Between an X-Ray and Fluoroscopy?

When you have an injury that needs treatment, it is essential that you obtain the appropriate images to confirm and understand your diagnosis. Only then can your pain be addressed and your body healed.   A local imaging center is where you can obtain x-rays and fluoroscopy imaging to help with your treatment. Keep reading to […]

man getting an mri atlanta done with AICA doctor

Imaging | Dec 9, 2019

How to Prepare and What to Expect for Your MRI

Many individuals who are scheduled to have an MRI struggle with understanding what to expect. The typical connotation of this exam from television and books is that it is confining and stress-inducing.   Here, we’re going to address your concerns and misconceptions about imaging technology, so you can safely and confidently undergo this procedure at […]

What Are the Different Types of Diagnostic Imaging Tests Available

Imaging | Feb 17, 2020

What Are the Different Types of Diagnostic Imaging Tests Available?

When a patient presents an injury, it’s critical start with diagnostic imaging to help identify exactly what the issue is and where it is coming from. The images can inform the doctors why it is occurring and what best treatment plans are available to relieve symptoms and promote healing. Often, these diagnostic imaging tests can […]

7 FAQs Answered about MRIs

Imaging | Feb 24, 2020

7 FAQs Answered about MRIs

When it comes to diagnosing injury, disease, and other problems, MRI imaging can provide doctors with advanced technological support. Below are seven frequently asked questions from patients as well as answers to provide you with the knowledge and comfort you need before experiencing the procedure.

What to Expect During an MRI after an Accident

Accidents, Imaging | May 23, 2020

What to Expect During an MRI after an Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is important to see a doctor, even if you are only experiencing mild symptoms of pain and discomfort. Whiplash, one of the most common injuries resulting from a car accident, can often have delayed symptoms so you may not realize you have sustained a serious injury for […]

Are MRIs Safe for Me

Imaging | Jun 17, 2020

Are MRIs Safe for Me?

MRIs are common tests to take detailed and intricate pictures of the inside of your body for a variety of reasons, but most commonly for diagnosis of an illness or injury. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and can also help doctors determine how effective a particular treatment has been or if they need to […]

Special Tests for Sciatica

Imaging, Sciatica | Jul 21, 2020

Special Tests for Sciatica

Have you ever experienced lower back pain that led to one side of your body tingling or feeling numb? If so, you may have experienced a type of pain known as sciatica. Sciatica refers to pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched, which leads to pain radiating out from the lower back and […]

What Diagnostic Scans Should I Get After a Car Accident

Accident FAQS, Imaging | Aug 6, 2020

What Diagnostic Scans Should I Get After a Car Accident?

One of the first things you are likely to do after an accident is evaluate yourself (and any passengers) for car accident injuries. If you’re lucky, nothing but some cuts and scrapes will be apparent and after an assessment by the first responders, you’ll be able to move on to dealing with police reports, insurance […]

Can Getting an MRI Increase My Settlement

Imaging | Aug 7, 2020

Can Getting an MRI Increase My Settlement?

At the scene of a car accident, first responders will likely do some basic tests to assess your health and rule out any severe car accident injuries. If you are cleared during this, it can be tempting to move on without seeking further medical care. But problems can often become apparent hours or days later, […]

atlanta imaging center

Imaging | Aug 24, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Chiropractor Wants You to Visit an Imaging Center

When you visit a skilled chiropractor, they are often able to perform spinal adjustments and manipulation that ease some of your reported pain quickly and effectively. While realigning the spine in this way usually provides some relief, you may continue to experience discomfort. In this case, your chiropractor may seek further guidance on how to […]

How Long Does a Hip MRI Take

Hip Pain, Imaging | Aug 25, 2020

How Long Does a Hip MRI Take?

For many people, finding out they need to have an MRI can cause stress. Media depictions of MRIs often focus on the heavy-duty equipment and the confined space that may be required to undergo a scan properly. While some of the elements may be true for you, going into an MRI with an understanding of […]

Are There Any Side Effects to Getting an MRI

Imaging | Sep 17, 2020

Are There Any Side Effects to Getting an MRI?

If you’ve never had an MRI, the prospect can be daunting. The procedure involves a large metal tube that may make loud noises or feel claustrophobic. However, MRIs are actually a very common and safe procedure that can have great benefits. The more you know about what to expect when you visit an Atlanta imaging […]

Here’s How an MRI Can Find Brain Damage

Imaging | Sep 18, 2020

Here’s How an MRI Can Find Brain Damage

After a car accident, you may be so concerned with lawyers, insurance companies, and bills that you don’t even notice that headaches have become a regular occurrence. If you were cleared by first responders at the accident scene, it can be easy to brush these off as stress-related headaches. However, traumatic brain injuries are common […]

Will Nerve Damage Show Up on an MRI

Imaging, Neurology | Sep 21, 2020

Will Nerve Damage Show Up on an MRI?

In addition to the pain you may experience as a result of nerve damage, it can also be frustrating to try and diagnose the source of the issue. You may have undergone a number of tests and spoken to many specialists to try and address your pain. Because there are over one hundred types of […]

When Should I Get an MRI

Imaging | Sep 24, 2020

When Should I Get an MRI?

In the world of diagnostic imaging, MRIs have offered a revolutionary new way of scanning the body for injuries, particularly back injuries. An MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, is able to construct pictures of the tissues inside of the body, allowing doctors to discover the root cause of issues and create plans for […]

How Long Does a Knee MRI Take

Imaging, Knee Pain | Oct 2, 2020

How Long Does a Knee MRI Take?

Did you know that knee pain is one of the most common health concerns that causes many to schedule an appointment with a knee doctor? That’s because knee pain can affect every aspect of your daily life, from walking and exercising to sitting and standing. The knee is a strong joint that bears the weight […]

Why Would You Need a CT Scan and an MRI After a Car Accident

After An Accident, Imaging | Nov 13, 2020

Why Would You Need a CT Scan and an MRI After a Car Accident?

After an accident, you will likely visit a doctor as soon as possible to assess any car accident injuries and make sure there are no issues that you have not yet noticed. At these appointments, you may be walked through a series of tests, including physical exams and reflex tests, as well as a series […]

Open vs. Closed MRI Machine

Imaging | Dec 10, 2020

Open vs. Closed MRI Machine

If you have been in a car accident or suffered an injury, you may be referred for an MRI as a part of your diagnostic scanning. Many people are fearful of MRIs because they have seen the machines before and worry about feeling trapped, especially if they suffer from claustrophobia. The traditional MRI machine is […]

What Does Chest Pain Mean After a Car Accident

After An Accident, Imaging | Jan 3, 2021

What Does Chest Pain Mean After a Car Accident?

If you experience chest pains after you’ve been in a car accident this can be a very stressful feeling in an already overwhelming situation. It may be helpful to know that many victims of a car accident experience chest pains after a car accident. Any type of chest pain should be taken very seriously as […]

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