How to Treat and Diagnose Chronic Back Pain

Feb 19, 2020

How to Treat Chronic Back PainPatients with chronic back pain often look for a spine doctor to address their symptoms and concerns. Chronic back pain can affect your daily life, so it’s critical to find a holistic therapeutic treatment plan for pain relief and healthy functioning. Here are some things to consider when treating chronic back pain.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can develop in a variety of ways, from wear and tear on the body and injury to spinal disorders and degenerative conditions. Spinal pain is common since the back is weight-bearing and we regularly twist, bend, and extend to complete our daily tasks. When something disrupts the natural flow, pain receptors can be triggered, and spinal health may be compromised.

Simple daily wear and tear on the body or a specific incidence of injury can lead to back pain, and when left untreated, back pain can develop into a chronic condition.

Repetitive motions can affect the overall health of the spine. Heavy lifting, whether moving a piece of furniture to another room or weightlifting at the gym, can also negatively impact the spine when done incorrectly. This can lead to injury on the spine, musculature, joints, and nerve endings which can all lead to chronic back pain.

Sedentary behaviors like lack of exercise and sitting for long periods can also lead to weakness in the muscles around the back, leaving your spine more susceptible to injury. Specific health conditions, such as degenerative discs or scoliosis, can also have chronic back pain as a main symptom.

Diagnosis of Chronic Back Pain

Spine doctors listen for symptoms to identify chronic back pain, such as:
• discomfort or pain when sitting, standing, or walking
• a loss or weakening in range of motion and flexibility
• stiffness in the back
• numbness, tingling, and tenderness

Pain can manifest in a variety of ways and is experienced differently by everyone. X-rays and MRIs are helpful in providing the doctor with images of the spine, vertebrae, and surrounding musculature and tissue damage that may be contributing to your back pain.

At AICA Orthopedics, our multidisciplinary team utilizes advanced diagnostic tools to provide a comprehensive picture of the areas contributing to each patient’s chronic back pain. These diagnostic tools can pinpoint the source of the pain to allow for a swift diagnosis and for treatment to begin.

Our doctors will complete a thorough examination, review symptoms, utilize diagnostic imaging, and also attend to any specific injuries that may have contributed to chronic back pain.

Treatment of Chronic Back Pain

AICA spine doctors not only address the symptoms of the back pain but also develop individualized treatment plans to address root causes and long-term solutions. These custom treatment plans may include meeting our medical team to provide a solution to your chronic pain. This personalized approach to your care allows for a variety of medical perspectives to assess your specific pain in various specialties.

At AICA Orthopedics, our medical team is dedicated to training and knowledge of the latest research and evidence-based technologies in order to provide quality care for everyone. Your care team for chronic back pain may include the following:

AICA chiropractors address spinal misalignments contributing to back pain through non-invasive, gentle adjustments to the vertebrae in the spine. Proper spinal alignment leads to a reduction of stress and strain on the surrounding muscles and relief to pressure on nerves signaling pain.
AICA physical therapists may provide exercises with the intent of strengthening back muscles which leads to more support for your spine. Physical therapists can also provide support for improved flexibility and range of motion, as well as improved posture.
AICA neurologists may recommend trigger point injections to address nerve pain and muscle pain and help reduce inflammation in the area.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, our team of specialists at AICA Orthopedics can design a treatment plan just for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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