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Category Archives: Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain, Knee Pain | Apr 15, 2019

Importance of Range Of Motion For Chronic Knee Pain Sufferers

Experiencing knee pain can hinder your ability to actively participate in typical daily functions. Regardless if the pain is just a minor flare up or if you suffer from chronic knee pain, there are things you can do to help improve your quality of life.

Chronic Pain | May 8, 2019

Treatment For Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain isn’t something to be taken lightly as 57 percent of people surveyed by the American Osteopathic Association reported suffering from some type of chronic pain. With so many affected by this type of pain, orthopedic specialists are constantly learning and developing new ways to treat this condition.

Therapeutic Approach To Chronic Pain | AICA Orthopedics

Chronic Pain, Physical Therapy | Nov 8, 2019

Therapeutic Approach To Chronic Pain

Our country is in the middle of battling a serious opioid epidemic and finding new ways to manage pain has never been more important.

Dancing Through The Pain Leads To More Than Just Sore Feet | AICA Orthopedics

Chronic Pain, Hip Pain | Jan 31, 2020

Dancing Through The Pain Leads To More Than Just Sore Feet

With the holiday season upon us, Christmas shows and specials are front and center. The famous Radio City Rockettes are a staple in NYC and spread holiday cheer to all those near and far. These dancers undergo a great deal of physical hardship to pull off such a tremendous performance. The Rockettes are famous for […]

How to Treat Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain, Chronic Pain | Feb 19, 2020

How to Treat and Diagnose Chronic Back Pain

Patients with chronic back pain often look for a spine doctor to address their symptoms and concerns. Chronic back pain can affect your daily life, so it’s critical to find a holistic therapeutic treatment plan for pain relief and healthy functioning. Here are some things to consider when treating chronic back pain.

Why Do I Have Tailbone Pain

Chronic Pain, Orthopedics | Aug 28, 2020

Why Do I Have Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone pain can be extremely frustrating because it can affect you when you sit down, stand up, or even turn your body the wrong way. What may seem like a mild discomfort after sitting on bleachers for a long sports game can turn into a nightmare when you start experiencing that pain while going about […]

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