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Accidents, Injuries | Apr 10, 2017

3 Common Car Accident Injuries Treated By Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors

According to the Georga Department of Motor Vehicles, there are approximately 300,000 car accidents each year. These collisions leave up to 200,000 victims injured, forcing them to seek medical and legal support.

Accidents, Injuries | Apr 21, 2017

3 Car Accident Injuries That Require Immediate Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment

If you are in pain as a result of a recent auto collision, it is imperative that you seek immediate treatment from an experienced Atlanta orthopedic doctor. Even if your accident was minor and you haven’t noticed any symptoms, it does not mean that you are completely in the clear.

Education, Injuries | Aug 2, 2017

Common Summer Injuries Treated By Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors

Summer serves as one of the most popular seasons when it comes to personal injuries. The nice, warm weather makes working out and exercising more attractive, although it also presents unique challenges that can cause harm. Regardless of whether you are an exercise enthusiast or work out a few times a week, some of the […]

Back Pain, Injuries | Nov 29, 2017

Common Back and Neck Injuries After Car Wrecks

Car accidents cause millions of injuries – some very significant – in the U.S. every year. According to the National Safety Council, 4.6 million people obtained significant injuries in 2016 from car accidents. The seriousness of the injury often depends on the type of accident, but even the most minor ones can lead to a […]

Injuries | Dec 25, 2017

What You Need To Know About Clavicle Fractures

Clavicle fractures make up approximately 5 percent of all fractures treated by Orthopedic Doctors throughout the United States. Most cases affect males, and close to 50 percent of all clavicle fractures occur in children between the ages of four and seven. Also referred to as a broken collarbone, clavicle fractures are caused by blunt trauma […]

Education, Injuries | Jan 1, 2018

Orthopedic Injuries That Are Common In January

Winter can be one of the best times of the year for individuals and families throughout Atlanta. Between the holidays and the opportunities that come with a new year, there are plenty of reasons to be excited during this season. However, winter also presents particular hazards that have the potential to cause physical harm. From icy […]

Injuries | Mar 14, 2018

Orthopedic Treatment For Ankle Sprains

Patients experience ankle sprains when the strong ligaments that support the ankle are pushed beyond their capacity and break. Anyone can sustain an ankle sprain regardless of gender or age and tend to occur as a result of rolling a foot or accidentally twisting awkwardly. The pain associated with this condition varies from person to […]

Injuries | Mar 19, 2018

Orthopedic Treatment For ACL Injuries

Approximately 200,000 people throughout the United States experience an ACL injury each year, while 95,000 people sustain complete ruptures. Those who participate in high-activity sports like basketball, football, and downhill skiing tend to experience ACL tears at a higher rate than others. The ACL serves to connect the tibia (shinbone) to the femur (thighbone) and […]

Injuries | Mar 26, 2018

Orthopedic Treatment For Collarbone Fractures

Collarbone fractures, also referred to as clavicle fractures, are one of the most common conditions treated by our Atlanta orthopedic doctors since they can happen to anyone regardless of age, family history, or demographics. The collarbone or clavicle is located between the shoulder blade and the rib cage. It is responsible for connecting each arm […]

Injuries | May 9, 2018

Avoid Joint Injuries and Conditions With These Exercises

It’s easy to take your joints for granted until pain suddenly appears. When such joint pain does arrive, completing basic tasks can quickly become difficult to impossible to perform. Suddenly, normal activities such as walking, sitting down, or exercising present significant challenges.

Injuries | May 21, 2018

Work-Related Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is common among American workers and has the ability to completely deter your normal routine. Although some types of should pain occur after exercising or experiencing a sudden accident, other types gradually develop over time. If you are currently experience consistent shoulder pain as a result of a work-related accident or activity, it’s […]

Injuries | Jun 15, 2018

What Is A Bone Fracture?

A fracture refers to when a bone cracks or breaks and any bone is susceptible to one. Fractures are classified as either compound (open) or simple (closed) where compound fractures comprise of clean breaks that only affect the bone, while simple fractures also impact the surrounding tissue. There are several different types of fractures and […]

Expert Orthopedic Treatment and Surgery for Injured Patients | AICA Orthopedics

Injuries | Sep 4, 2019

Expert Orthopedic Treatment and Surgery for Injured Patients

At AICA Orthopedics, we treat a variety of injuries. From those injuries, some are sustained from accidents in which turn out to be workers’ compensation claims or even personal injury cases. Our orthopedic doctors in these situations provide our patients with the utmost care and compassion, as being a victim of these injuries can be […]

Girl with dislocated shoulder in sling wondering if she needs surgery

Injuries, Shoulder Pain | Oct 17, 2019

Do I Need Surgery for My Dislocated Shoulder?

Dealing with shoulder dislocation is never fun. You may find it difficult to do much of anything with that arm for several days or weeks. To help the arm heal, wearing a sling for a few days might help, too.   In some severe cases, surgery is necessary to repair the damage to the ligament. […]

man running and injuring leg- 7 most common knee injuries featured by aica orthopedics

ACL Injuries, Injuries, Knee Pain | Oct 18, 2019

The 7 Most Common Knee Injuries

The knee is one part of your body that is put under a lot of stress every day. This joint can very easily be overworked or injured. Typically, this kind of injury requires a visit to the doctor.   Letting any knee injury go without treatment can result in very serious issues that can make […]

Car Accident Doctor helping man's arm after car accident injury

Accident FAQS, Accidents, Injuries | Nov 6, 2019

When Should I See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

The answer is, in most cases, as quickly as you are able. It is all too common for individuals who have been involved in an auto accident to deny the need for medical attention, at least at first.   The unfortunate truth is that delaying seeking care can have detrimental effects on both your health […]

Pain in the Achilles | AICA Orthopedics

Injuries | Nov 27, 2019

Pain in the Achilles

The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone and when it ruptures it can tear completely or partially. Tears to the Achilles most commonly occur slightly above the heel bone. However, ruptures can occur anywhere along the tendon.

young athlete needing spine doctor after injury

Injuries, Sports | Dec 10, 2019

Which Sports Lead to the Most Injuries? 

Most children, at one time or another in their childhood, participate in sports. In the United States, these children number in the tens of millions. Sports are a fun and organized way for children to exercise their bodies, hone various mental strategy skill sets, and enjoy themselves all at the same time.   Unfortunately, there […]

Injuries an Orthopedic Doctor Can Treat | AICA Orthopedics

Injuries | Jan 1, 2020

Injuries an Orthopedic Doctor Can Treat

Orthopedic doctors specialize in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. They specifically treat injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Atlanta orthopedic doctors take care to precisely diagnose and accurately treat a variety of injuries to the body. If you are suffering from pain or injury, an orthopedic doctor can help you not […]

Be Aware of These 6 Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

Accidents, Injuries | Jan 17, 2020

Be Aware of These 6 Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Although some can result in serious, even fatal injuries, thankfully, most people involved in a car accident only experience minor injuries. It can seem as if you may have walked away from a car accident completely unharmed. You feel excellent and might not think anything is wrong. […]

Four Ski Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

Accident Prevention, Injuries, Sports | Feb 5, 2020

Four Ski Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

Ski season is here, and you’re ready to hit the slopes for some fun in the sun and snow! Whether you’re a first-time skier or a pro, skiing is an exhilarating, highly active sport that engages your whole body. With this thrilling experience also come some risks considering the high level of demand on your […]

How Is “Pain and Suffering” Determined after a Car Accident

Accident FAQS, Accidents, Injuries, Legal | Feb 20, 2020

How Is “Pain and Suffering” Determined after a Car Accident?

If you have suffered car accident injuries, you may be interested in filing a personal injury claim and pursuing a car accident case. Three main components are used to determine the value of a personal injury claim: reimbursement for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. While medical bills and lost income are more […]

Try These Exercises To Help Prevent Hip Injuries | AICA Orthopedics

Accident Recovery, Injuries, Sports | Feb 24, 2020

Try These Exercises To Help Prevent Hip Injuries

A hip injury can have devastating effects on your mobility, independence, and confidence. Conversely, when your hips are functioning at optimal levels, all your movements are enhanced. Stretching plays a vital role in preventing hip injuries.

6 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Accidents, Injuries | Mar 4, 2020

6 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know how disruptive the experience can be on your entire body. Whether you’re involved in a small fender-bender or a serious rear-end collision, your body can also be damaged and in need of repair. It’s important to find an Atlanta orthopedic doctor that has the knowledge and […]

Lower Abdominal Pain After an Accident

Accidents, Injuries | May 22, 2020

Lower Abdominal Pain After an Accident

If you were injured in a car accident, you may have experienced whiplash, broken bones, or injury to your spine or neck. These injuries are serious on their own and are often addressed soon after the accident. However, sometimes delayed injuries can appear days or even a week after a car accident. These types of […]

Wrist Fracture Recovery

Injuries, Wrist Pain | Jul 6, 2020

Wrist Fracture Recovery

A wrist fracture is one of the most common car accident injuries. This type of injury occurs so frequently because your hands are typically on your steering wheel at the time of impact. You may try to brace yourself if you see the accident coming, or the simple jarring of your hands against the steering […]

How to Tell if a Shoulder Is Dislocated After a Car Accident

Accidents, After An Accident, Injuries, Shoulder Pain | Jul 13, 2020

How to Tell if a Shoulder Is Dislocated After a Car Accident

After a car accident, you experience a lot of thoughts and emotions in response to what happened. You may be upset about your car getting hit, worried about your passengers, or concerned about the medical expenses you may be facing. No matter how you feel, however, you need to make sure you do a complete […]

Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After a Car Accident

Accidents, After An Accident, Injuries | Jul 16, 2020

Stomach Pain and Diarrhea After a Car Accident

When you think of common ailments caused by car accidents, things like whiplash and broken bones often come to mind. While these injuries are common, bodies can react to the trauma of an accident in many unexpected ways and you may begin to notice symptoms days or weeks after the accident has occurred. You may […]

Most Common Fractures from Car Accidents

Accidents, Injuries | Jul 17, 2020

Most Common Fractures from Car Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident, there are a variety of injuries that can occur depending on the severity, where in the car you are, and if you’re wearing a seatbelt. After any accident, you’ll want to seek care from an orthopedic doctor to evaluate you for any injuries, obvious or hidden. One […]

What Is the Cause of Most Rear-End Collisions

Accidents, Injuries | Jul 17, 2020

What Is the Cause of Most Rear-End Collisions?

If you have ever been in a serious car accident, you likely know the importance of seeking medical treatment right away. However, even slower, low-impact car accidents like rear-end collisions can have a significant impact on your body. Rear-end car accidents are unfortunately quite common and many people can underestimate how serious injuries can still […]

Delayed Hip Pain After a Car Accident

Accidents, After An Accident, Hip Pain, Injuries | Jul 17, 2020

Delayed Hip Pain After a Car Accident

If you walk away from a car accident without any obvious injuries, you may feel rightfully grateful. However, feeling no pain at the time of an accident does not necessarily mean you have avoided injuries altogether. It may be hours or days before you start to feel stiffness in your neck, pain in your joints, […]

How Much Is a Finger Worth in a Lawsuit

Hand Pain, Injuries | Jul 18, 2020

How Much Is a Finger Worth in a Lawsuit?

If you have ever sustained a significant injury to one of your fingers, you might be wondering what the average jury verdict is for finger and hand injuries. Whether you are hoping for six figures or expecting five figures or less, it can be difficult to pinpoint how much hand and finger injuries are worth. […]

Soft Tissue Damage After a Car Accident

Accidents, After An Accident, Injuries, Whiplash | Jul 20, 2020

Soft Tissue Damage After a Car Accident

Injuries of the back and neck from a car accident can significantly impact your daily life and can have long-lasting negative effects on your health if not treated right away. The spine and neck house the spinal column, which sends communications through the rest of the body, and any interruption to that communication can cause […]

FAQs About Car Accident Injuries

Accidents, Injuries | Jul 29, 2020

FAQ About Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are unfortunately quite common in this day and age. Whether you caused your car accident or someone else did, and whether it was minor and very severe, you likely have a lot of questions about what comes next, particularly in regards to car accident injuries. Whether you choose to file a claim […]

How Long After an Accident Can Injuries Show Up

After An Accident, Headaches, Injuries | Aug 19, 2020

How Long After an Accident Can Injuries Show Up?

In the hours and even days after a car accident, you may not notice any injuries at first. The whole experience can be overwhelming and stressful, and the last thing you may want to think about is whether or not the soreness and bruises you got from the car accident are a sign of something […]

How Long After an Accident Can Injuries Appear

Accidents, After An Accident, Injuries | Sep 14, 2020

How Long After an Accident Can Injuries Appear?

One of the first things you may do after a car accident is to assess yourself and any passengers for injuries. You may notice any severe injuries at this time, and you will likely see superficial wounds like cuts and bruises, but there may be a number of injuries that are not yet apparent. But […]

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Doctor These 6 Questions

Chriopractors, Doctors, Injuries | Sep 22, 2020

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Doctor These 6 Questions

After experiencing a car accident, it is important to visit an orthopedic doctor who specializes in injuries sustained during a car crash. Not only will your insurance claim require you to visit a doctor, but they will also be able to help you understand your car accident injuries and develop an effective plan for recovery. […]

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