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At-Home Treatment Solutions For Back Pain

Aug 13, 2018

Lower back pain is sometimes so severe, it needs substantial action like surgery or intensive physical therapy for pain relief.

Other times, simple home remedies provide relief. At the first sign of back pain, you should always consult your Atlanta orthopedic doctor to make sure this isn’t a symptom of a greater problem.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Once your orthopedic doctors says it’s safe, you can try some home remedies to heal your back pain. Below are a few methods to resolve your back pain issues at home from the Atlanta orthopedic physicians at AICA Orthopedics.

Heat and/or Ice for Back Pain

This type of therapy is commonly recommended by doctors. Typically, back pain is triggered by an injury to one of the small muscles in the back.

These injuries cause the muscles to inflame and become painful. Applying ice to the affected area reduces inflammation. Applying heat helps soothe and relax the tension held in those muscles.

Massage for Back Pain

Massages are a widely regarded form of relief for tight muscles in the back, however visits to the massage therapist are often expensive and difficult to schedule.

If you can reach the affected area, you can knead the tense muscles until they begin to relax and feel better. You can massage yourself as often as you need throughout the day.

Stretching for Back Pain

Tight back muscles pull and tweak everything out of alignment causing not only back pain, but also pain in other parts of the body. To help regain flexibility and alleviate pain, you should gently stretch the affected muscles 2-3 times per day.

Talk to your Atlanta physical therapist about recommended stretches to soothe the troubled muscles. Even if you’re back pain isn’t severe, using a mixture of the methods listed have proven to decrease the duration and severity of the pain. As stated before, your first step should always be to consult a physician before trying these at-home treatments.

After you’ve been given the “OK” from your Atlanta orthopedic doctor, these home treatments can have you feeling better fast.


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